The fact that so many of our clients are repeat customers makes an indisputable statement. It is proof that we are dedicated and loyal service providers before, during, and after a successful business deal. We take pride in the long-term relationships we have developed with clients and we will strive to foster the same relationship with you.

We are proud of more than 50 years of excellence in real estate.  We will be here when you need us, with a committment to give you the following:

  • Highly knowledgeable agents: Our agents are required to track every available property and tenant in their territories themselves, rather than using research assistants. This ensures that you get the most up-to-date and comprehensive information on the market at any time and helps us be the first to seize a new opportunity. 
  • Highly structured brokering: Our CEO, George Dutter, tracks all transactions, verifies the database of all available properties and tenants, conducts regular meetings with each agent to review and update action plans, and stays prepared to answer questions and offer solutions to problems. The president, Mark Miller, is available to help you in any way possible, ranging from simply offering advice to sitting at the table while your deal is being negotiated. 
  • Teamwork: Our company functions as a team, rather than 50 individual agents. When you choose NAI Aldrhch-Thomas Group as your exclusive real estate consultant, you are collectively gaining over 200 years of combined experience in the Dallas/Fort Worth commercial real estate market. 
  • Exhaustive services: Our entire brokerage team and support staff are available to serve you in any way they can. Our phones are answered from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. by NAI Aldrhch-Thomas Group associates, not an answering service. 
  • Personalized service: Our services are limited only by your demands. We are your personal consultant, much like your lawyer or personal accountant. You can depend on us to be your one point of contact. We have the know-how, the background, and the willingness to meet all different types of clients’ needs. It is this type of thinking that lets us provide superior service.
  • Unsurpassed negotiating skills: Some brokerage firms boast that they represent only owners or only tenants. At NAI Aldrhch-Thomas Group, we see this as a disadvantage. We offer both tenant and owner representation. Whether we represent the tenant or the owner, we go into negotiations understanding both parties’ perspectives and can get our clients specifically what they want.


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